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Cohiba Real Estate is the company that assists Buy to Let investors find their ideal property, with 7+ years of industry experience, we partner with the very best developers across the UK offering a wide range of products to meet our investors needs.

We are a company with morals and values and the main objective is to help, our satisfaction comes from giving our investors exactly what they are looking for with specialist advice. With in-depth knowledge in both Investments and Lettings, our team can guide you to a profitable asset.

Helping 3,500+ clients we assist from start to finish, we will find you the ideal investment, find a Management Team to Let and Maintain the property for you and even assist with the exit do you wish to sell the property in the future.


We can help you, whether you are an investor based overseas looking to enhance your property portfolio, if you are based in the UK and are wanting to become a Buy to Let Investor or if you are a institutional investor searching for Block investments. We are more than happy to help.

If you would like the best customer service, information about the most profitable investments, the highest quality buy to let properties then we are the right company for you.

“We are the Company that cares”

About The Founder

My name is Taher Miah and my story is something I have wanted to tell the world for many years so here it goes…


Many people drag their feet through life, especially through their early years of living. Mine was quite the opposite, since as little as an 8 year old boy my mission was to enter the world of property. My parents wanted me to enter the world of law but I had other ideas.

Growing up without a family car we would take cabs everywhere and sitting in the back seat, driving through towns and cities gazing at beautiful red brick buildings is something that has always pumped butterflies in my stomach. That is where the mission began, growing up I would ask questions to whomever I could, anyone that owned a home, anyone that even wore a suit and a tie in some cases but my answers were not fully answered.

As a frustrated teenager in college eager to learn and have an impact on the world, I did not make friends with the education system. I was being forced to learn things that did not match my end goal so I lost interest very quickly. With my grades dipping and my family worrying I decided to make a decision which most would not fathom in making. I walked into the college midway through my 2nd year and “handed in my notice” I did not want to waste any more time doing something that would not allow me to reach my dreams.

Researching, reading, asking and feeling alone in a world with no mentor and little answers I became more and more depressed until it got to a point where I felt useless, helpless, not able to provide my family with what they deserved and feeling like a complete failure. I needed help more than ever. I met a lovely women called Veronica who was my counselor trying to pull me back up from the trench I had been slowly sinking in. She would even show me her sports car to try and put a smile on my face and slowly it was working, 6 months in and I was getting back on my feet with a chip on my shoulder and a urge to prove everyone wrong, an urge to accomplish what I was destined for.

My journey had just began, I managed to enter the world of property, finally! I was accepted into a family with answers, a property developer based in Manchester with a Founder who had experience, a Founder who believed in me, a Founder who had a similar beginning to me. I finally felt like my dreams were moving in the direction I so craved. Climbing a ladder and working endlessly where a 7am – 8pm working day felt like a typical 9-5 working day and waking up before sunrise to help clients based overseas made me feel more alive than ever before.

I was progressing, I was being noticed, my hard work was slowly paying off, I was offered 2 promotions within the first 18 months of my career until I reached the gold I was battling tirelessly for, The Head of the Department. The youngest Head of any Department in the companies history.

I finally got there, I can not explain the emotion, my family could not stop hugging me, that was the first time I felt like my parents were proud of me, I was proud of myself. I could not stop smiling, like Veronica was showing me her sports car over and over again - 3 months went by and I handed in my notice and I decided to leave the company.

Comfort is something that makes me very uncomfortable and I was becoming more and more comfortable within my role. I felt like there was no more mountain left to climb and there was little left to learn within the companies answers and I had so much more to figure out and learn about the industry. My dream of being even in the property industry changed to owning my very own property investment firm but my knowledge still had gaps I so desperately needed to fill.

I moved onto a specialist in property investments, my plan was to learn as much as I could and understand the fundamentals and the structure of the business. I was becoming more and more addicted to the industry again, I was learning, growing, building the dream I had believed in since an 8 year old boy. After 12 months of observing, self-educating, working as hard as ever, 90 hour weeks, I felt so ready, more ready than I ever could have imagined.

Cohiba Real Estate was born, my aim is to build a company that focuses thoroughly on helping first, a company that cares, with strong morals, a company that scouts the very best developments in the UK and only offers projects and a service that will make our clients speak about us around the world. My ultimate dream is for people to speak and think about Cohiba Real Estate first when thinking about investing in property. If you have reached this point in my story, you have probably grasped my eagerness to accomplish the dreams I set and this is one I will never give up on. I will not stop until I can help everyone who requires our services.

I would love for you all to join me on this journey and allow me and my team to give you the help, attention and support you so deserve.

Thank you for reading my story.

Taher Miah

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